[Lnc-business] Open Letter to Arvin

Caryn Ann Harlos carynannharlos at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 12:14:17 EST 2018

I no longer have to wonder what many Republicans feel like when Trump gets
on Twitter.

Arvin.  Get off Facebook.

Saying things in some of the most outrageous and inflammatory ways is not
being “pure” or “radical.”  It is being an obnoxious distraction to our
cause and undermines the work of your peers.  In short, at a minimum, it is
highly disrespectful to this Body.

I don’t recall you running on the promise that you would behave in this way
- otherwise it would be what the delegates bargained for.  Positions once
obtained are not carte blanche to steamroll through until next election- at
least not if one is being a responsible Libertarian.

Count me as among the highly annoyed.  Your actions impact the time and
treasures of others.  I am no shrinking violent.  I am a hardline
Libertarian.  Yet I manage to realize that my public position obligates me
to a certain responsibility to my constituents, my peers, and liberty
herself and make a concerted effort to communicate our principles in a way
that strives for excellence, respect, decorum, empathy, and teamwork.  If I
wanted to be a lone wolf provocateur, I would take a different path as
people (your peers and mine) are not merely a means to an end.  There is a
role in the movement for those voices.  I dispute whether that role is as a
public voice of the Party— I certainly did not vote for that.

I believe in the bully pulpit.  I don’t believe in the jackass pulpit.
There are real points to be made, it is a disservice to liberty to think
that lighting one’s hair on fire and running naked down the street
proverbially screaming hookers and heroine for everyone is the way to do it
as an LNC Representative.

I hope I don’t have to waste another second of my limited time on this
planet cleaning up your messes.  I chose not to have children for a reason.

*In Liberty,*
*Caryn Ann Harlos*
Region 1 Representative, Libertarian National Committee (Alaska, Arizona,
Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Washington) - Caryn.Ann.
Harlos at LP.org <Caryn.Ann.Harlos at LP.org>
Communications Director, Libertarian Party of Colorado
Chair, LP Historical Preservation Committee

A haiku to the Statement of Principles:
*We defend your rights*
*And oppose the use of force*
*Taxation is theft*
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