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Starchild starchild at lp.org
Fri Jan 12 18:55:36 EST 2018

Tim, Harold, George, and Michelle,

	Thank you for writing to members of the Libertarian National Committee to share your concerns. Since all four of you have written to us in the same day on the same topic, I hope you don't mind that I am replying to your messages together in one email.

	While I have not seen the posting(s?) which prompted you to write, I appreciate your seeking to hold elected leaders of the Libertarian Party accountable. This kind of engagement by LP members is what will keep us a grassroots, bottom-up party. I also commend you Harold, for tempering your remarks with a strong commitment to free speech and expression by individuals when not speaking on behalf of the party.

	I sometimes get the impression however that members like yourselves think everyone on the LNC sees everything that goes out over social media in the name of the LP. I don't believe this is true in anyone's case, and certainly not in mine – I am not on Facebook or our Advertising & Publications Review Committee, and only occasionally see forwarded memes.

	While you are of course welcome to voice your concerns as you have done, it would have been more helpful if you'd included the following:

• Why you think the post(s) you're writing about were irresponsible, unreasonable, lacking judgment, or fitting the other terms you've used to describe them
• How these posts in your opinion were contrary to libertarian principles or at odds with our Platform (if that is the case)
• Any specific harm resulting to the party that you can point to from the post or posts in question (was there something specific that came up in the Ohio LP in relation to this matter? I notice that all four of you are apparently with the LPO)

	Without this information, it is difficult to make a fair evaluation of your objections. It's also helpful to hear what kind of messaging on the topic(s) in question would be appropriate in your views, and why – i.e. examples of strong libertarian messaging that communicates the Non-Aggression Principle and distinguishes our radical pro-freedom message from the status quo politics of the cartel parties, without needlessly triggering or offending people.

	To be frank, I doubt I would support a motion to remove Arvin as vice-chair over this manner – I think he is solidly libertarian and generally playing a positive role in the party's leadership despite his occasional inflammatory postings. However I might be open to some lesser measure such as censure depending on the specifics of the case, especially if it is presented in a manner that will not undermine or inhibit our ability to put forward a strongly libertarian message to the public.

	Thank you again for taking the time to communicate with us, and for your efforts on behalf of the Libertarian Party and freedom.

Love & Liberty,
                                    ((( starchild )))
At-Large Representative, Libertarian National Committee
                         RealReform at earthlink.net
                                 (415) 625-FREE

On Jan 12, 2018, at 7:23 AM, Tim Smyth wrote:
> National Committee Member,
> As so well written by a long time Party member, "The message IS the message."  The on-going irresponsibility of our Vice Chair in understanding the importance of this has gone on too long. Right and wrong is long past mattering - what matters now is that the messaging is hurting our Party.
> As Party leaders, it is incumbent upon ALL of us to put a stop to that. Failure by the body to act at this point is defense of a bombastic and divisive approach.  We all work too hard to advance liberty to allow this to continue.
> Friends in Liberty, 
> <e109eff0.jpeg>
> (330) 495-3878
> Tim.Smyth at LPO.org
> P.S. Don’t miss out on the LPO State Convention May 18 - 20th!  Click here for event details and tickets.

On Jan 12, 2018, at 7:41 AM, Harold Thomas wrote:

> Ever since Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra made his Facebook comments against individuals serving in the military, his public remarks on that subject and on sexual harassment have encouraged the Duopoly to paint us as the kooky fringe party they have always wanted us to be. We in Ohio have been hearing negative comments about Mr. Vohra for many months. His remarks have compounded the damage lack of ballot access has already done to our growth as a state party, and they are hindering the development of county organizations.
> Like all Libertarians, I uphold complete freedom of speech and expression; however, the Committee should acknowledge that accepting a position of leadership is avoluntary act (no one put a gun to Mr. Vohra’s head to make him Vice Chair). By accepting a leadership position in our Party, it should be understood that he would consider its welfare before making potentially harmful statements. Clearly, Mr. Vohra lacks either the judgment or the dedication to restrain his remarks in the Party’s interest.
> I urge you to do whatever the rules allow to censure or remove Mr. Vohra from his position as Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee. Outside the leadership of this Party, I will support his right to say whatever he wants.
> Harold D. Thomas
> <image003.jpg>
> Harold D. Thomas, Deputy Political Director
> Libertarian Party of Ohio
> www.lpo.org
> (614) 581-6832

On Jan 12, 2018, at 9:30 AM, George Syroney wrote:

> Arvin's message is toxic. We, as a party, cannot continue with someone who continually speaks with vitriol and then doubles down on it. This new statutory rape will cut welfare angle is beyond reasonable. 
> The party is taking notice. Those who do nothing will be remembered.
> George

On Jan 12, 2018, at 3:23 PM, Michelle MacCutcheon wrote:

> All,
> I can no longer stand by and watch him destroy something that I love so dearly.
> Leadership roles come with the responsibility of understanding messaging and PR. Arvin has demonstrated a clear disregard for this by continuing to post inflammatory things that serve only to harm the very organization that we are all working so very hard to build. Should this petition not work, and if I am a delegate, I will absolutely not vote for him.
> I hope to see a motion and second and I hope you will consider voting to remove him.
> Regards,
> Michelle MacCutcheon
> michellemaccutcheon at gmail.com
> 513.292.6380

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