[Lnc-business] Open Letter to Arvin

Joshua Katz planning4liberty at gmail.com
Sat Jan 13 00:38:05 EST 2018

I do not have Facebook.  I prefer the real world (and Twitter).  Does
anyone care to fill me in?

Joshua A. Katz

On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 11:14 AM, Caryn Ann Harlos <carynannharlos at gmail.com
> wrote:

> I no longer have to wonder what many Republicans feel like when Trump gets
> on Twitter.
> Arvin.  Get off Facebook.
> Saying things in some of the most outrageous and inflammatory ways is not
> being “pure” or “radical.”  It is being an obnoxious distraction to our
> cause and undermines the work of your peers.  In short, at a minimum, it is
> highly disrespectful to this Body.
> I don’t recall you running on the promise that you would behave in this
> way - otherwise it would be what the delegates bargained for.  Positions
> once obtained are not carte blanche to steamroll through until next
> election- at least not if one is being a responsible Libertarian.
> Count me as among the highly annoyed.  Your actions impact the time and
> treasures of others.  I am no shrinking violent.  I am a hardline
> Libertarian.  Yet I manage to realize that my public position obligates me
> to a certain responsibility to my constituents, my peers, and liberty
> herself and make a concerted effort to communicate our principles in a way
> that strives for excellence, respect, decorum, empathy, and teamwork.  If I
> wanted to be a lone wolf provocateur, I would take a different path as
> people (your peers and mine) are not merely a means to an end.  There is a
> role in the movement for those voices.  I dispute whether that role is as a
> public voice of the Party— I certainly did not vote for that.
> I believe in the bully pulpit.  I don’t believe in the jackass pulpit.
> There are real points to be made, it is a disservice to liberty to think
> that lighting one’s hair on fire and running naked down the street
> proverbially screaming hookers and heroine for everyone is the way to do it
> as an LNC Representative.
> I hope I don’t have to waste another second of my limited time on this
> planet cleaning up your messes.  I chose not to have children for a reason.
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> *In Liberty,*
> *Caryn Ann Harlos*
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