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First, let me express my sympathy for the difficulties many of you have
faced over the last couple days, on account of my view that family,
culture, and individuals, not government, should determine if a person is
ready to give sexual consent. Those who have read my longer posts on the
topic probably find material you agree with. Or perhaps not, but probably
nothing explosively sensational. Any future posts on this topic, which I
probably won't bring up given it's minor budgetary cost, will probably be
written in a comparatively non-inflammatory way.

I know many of you are weary of dealing with local responses to my social
media posts. I would encourage those of you in this position to write,
publicly, clearly, and comprehensibly on any of these topics. If age of
consent is too incendiary, fine, write on government schools. Or military
enlistment. Or military policy. Or social security. Or medicare. Or
anything past soda taxes, hemp, and the federal Department of Education (a
whopping 10% of the total welfare spend on education). If you don't want to
be rude, fine, be polite. Just be honest, and be Libertarian.

As I look through social media of the LP leadership, LP candidates, and
general media, I find that the most accurate representation of Libertarian
positions today are coming from our opponents. As an example, our enemies
say that we want to end public education; our candidates and leaders deny
it. Will it be just me and our enemies that put forward complete
Libertarian positions? I can't imagine that we want that.

In terms of sexual consent, as far as I know, the only Libertarians I know
who have spoken on this topic at all are the elected Libertarian councilman
who initially posted on the issue, Dr. Ruwart, and me. And when you silence
the Dr. Ruwarts of the world, you end up being a party okay with nominating
Bob Barr.

It is also telling the extent to which those who have had their lives, and
the lives of their loved ones destroyed by current age of consent laws have
only felt okay messaging me privately, fearing the extent of the histrionic
public backlashes against anyone who goes against the unspoken rules which
so many so vigorously enforce. A few minutes ago, I learned of a 20 year
odld who dated a 17 year old for months, then found out she had been lying
about her age, and is now a registered sex offender. Should he have had his
own read ID scanner? Perhaps.

People are so terrified of being labelled perverts (with good reason), that
they will not stand up for clear violations of decency. And as a party, we
are so afraid of having the wrong spin or whatever it is that we're acting
spineless. Even casual observation shows us that age of consent laws cannot
be morally right, given that they are *different in different states*!

If you don't like how I speak against government school and government
funded school, fine. Use your own words. Or send me your own words, and
I'll post it under my name. The military welfare complex? Speak on the
topic however you like. Age of consent? Same thing.

Could I write on any of these issues better? Of course. Life is about
learning and improving. But censuring ourselves, lying about our positions
and principles, and waiting for our literal enemies to be the only ones who
present our views isn't the answer. Refusing to stand up for those who
don't have the right optics for our current politicking is cowardice, not
political cleverness.


Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair

Arvin Vohra

VoteVohra at gmail.com
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