[Lnc-business] I assume this is Liberty Hangout's Republican Lies

Nicholas Sarwark chair at lp.org
Thu Feb 1 19:23:20 EST 2018

“A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on.”

Andy Craig from Wisconsin summed up the situation in a Facebook post (
) that I've copied and pasted below:

"No, Ron Paul wasn't banned or rejected from speaking at the LP convention.

Some folks with no real agenda other than causing a stink, spoke to
Paul's booking agent, who expressed interest if Paul's usual speaking
fee was paid ($35,000), because that's the job of a booking agent.
(The same agent also reps Judge Napolitano, and mentioned that). This
group then went to the folks handling the convention for the LP,
demanded Paul be put on the agenda, and claimed they'd later raise the
money to pay him. LP didn't bite, for obvious reasons. Even if they
could have done it (dubious), the party's not particularly interested
in seeing Libertarian donors diverted to pay for an exorbitant
speaking fee with no real benefit. If the Mises [sic] Caucus would
like to raise and spend that much money and rent a room in New Orleans
and have Paul speak... well, good luck with that. There's nothing
stopping them, though I know a lot of Libertarian candidates who could
better spend that money in the 2018 elections. There are races that
could be won on less money than that.

And if he desires it enough to say he's coming regardless, I have
little doubt Paul would be given a slot on the main-stage. It was just
at the last convention that we gave him an award that he accepted via
video message, after all. (An award given with some fair internal
grumbling over his lack of support for the party or any of its
candidates, while still often endorsing and supporting Republicans).

Short version: much ado about nothing. Ron Paul himself expressed no
interest in wanting to speak in New Orleans, and he still hasn't.

The whole point of this exercise was never to actually have him speak,
but rather to frame a purely manufactured controversy, and that
intention is absurdly transparent. I've had plenty of gripes about the
party's management and operations and convention-planning, but this
whole thing is nonsense. Speaking slots at the convention don't really
matter that much (I had one last time!), and nobody from the LP told
Paul he was unwelcome in New Orleans."


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> But since people are asking, I thought I'd seek clarification.
> http://libertyhangout.org/2018/02/libertarian-party-wont-let-ron-paul-speak-national-convention/

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