[Lnc-business] the FB group

Alex Merced (LNC Vice Chair) alex.merced at lp.org
Fri Aug 17 15:43:09 EDT 2018

My intention was to try to facilitate working on business but that seems to have been the result, I apologize for not helping. I will delete the group, I haven’t done anything yet cause I wanted feed back and also cause I’m currently at work. This is not worth this level of frustration, I’m deleting the group. 

I was totally fine with making it open which I was planning to do when I got home from work but all this back and forth I’m seeing is not worth it when my intention was the opposite so I’ll be deleting the group. I figured another outlet could of been great way to facilitate work and reduce frustration, and making it transparent was fine with me of course I just wanted everyone on the same page.

I’m deleting the group, to the extent people work off the list I ask that you keep me informed so I can help and give feedback but I’m at least for the time being taking a step back from trying to facilitate as their are many campaigns and efforts I want to be committing my efforts too. 

Alex Merced
Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee/LP

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