[Lnc-business] Formal Complaint Against Mr. Arvin Vohra, Vice Chairman, per LNC Policy Manual Section 2.01 Subsection 4 Offensive Behavior Prohibition and Request for Removal as Vice Chair of the LNC

Caryn Ann Harlos caryn.ann.harlos at lp.org
Sat Jan 13 01:26:05 EST 2018

Hi Merissa - with the Region, you know I follow the protocol of using the
Party structure- which means several things.

1.  State Chairs need to be involved.  Have you obtained the support of
your state chair and state party?

2. Alternatively, I believe in parallels to right of recall.  A
super-majority or majority petition by actual delegates that attended the
2016 convention from Region 1 would carry great weight.

No Region 1 Chair has requested formal action, and certainly not a majority
or super-majority.

My personal opinion?  Arvin has demonstrated abominable judgment in a
position of leadership and completely torpedoed any real somber discussion
of real travesties that happen (like teenagers being put on a sex registry
for life), the nuances of this subject, the possibility of clear paths for
emancipation, and as long as we have a state and we are prohibited from
personally owning our own defense, what is it’s role in defending against
predation or if this is an exception, exactly how children and young people
are protected. And an acknowledgment that solutions can fail rather than
giving an impression of “oh well” and equating adult male homosexual
practice with the vastly different issue of problems in age disparity.

I don’t agree with your hardline stance that there is some set age for
everyone and that has not been the historical position of the LP.  However
there is a time for everyone when there cannot be consent and in that, yes,
age matters.  Just like position matters in clearly adult relationships
such as pastor/parishioner etc.  and it is irresponsible to breezily and
crassly deal with such a subject on Facebook as he has done and you have

My personal view- Arvin has against our will associated us with views that
are repugnant - in no less way than a white nationalist - while free to be
a bigot - is not something I want to associate with.

Discretion is the better part of valour.  Arvin has shown neither.


-Caryn Ann

On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 10:45 PM Merissa Hamilton <
merissa at merissahamilton.com> wrote:

> *To: LNC Committee, Regional Representative Region 1 Caryn Ann Harlos,
> Chairman Nicholas Sarwark, and the Judicial Committee Chairman of the LNC*
> In reviewing the LNC Policy manual, it is clear Vice-Chair Arvin Vohra has
> violated LNC Policy Manual Section 2.01 Subsection 4. The Policy states
> that complaints against LNC Board Members should be brought to the LNC and
> Judicial Committee Chairman for review by the LNC. Please consider this
> letter as my formal complaint of violation of LNC Policy Section 2.01
> Subsection 4 by Vice Chairman Mr. Arvin Vohra.
> Please review the attached letter for the specifics of my complaint
> against Mr. Vohra. Thank you in advance for your review, appropriate action
> and response.
> In Liberty,
> Merissa Hamilton, Libertarian Party Member
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