[Lnc-business] Age of Consent and Statutory Rape. WTF.

Elizabeth Van Horn elizabeth.vanhorn at lp.org
Sat Jan 13 14:21:09 EST 2018

Hello Patrick, 

As you're aware, I'm fairly new on the Libertarian National Committee,
as I was appointed to be LNC Region 3 Representative, a little over a
month ago.  It's an honor to be given their trust in representing
LP-Indiana, LP-Ohio, LP-Michigan and LP-Kentucky on the LNC.  I take my
"representative" role seriously, and the LP state affiliates within my
Region are my constituency.

 1) On November 11, 2017, the Libertarian Party of Indiana (LPIN) State
Central Committee (SCC) unanimously passed a resolution which culminated
in, "...the immediate resignation of Mr. Vohra from his position in
party leadership."  

On Friday, January 12, 2018, the Indiana state chair wrote to me,
"Indiana does support and request that very action", regarding Bylaws
Article 6.7, a motion to suspend Arvin Vohra. 

 2) On January 12, 2018 the Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPOH) Executive
Committee passed a resolution which culminated in, "The LPO calls for
the IMMEDIATE resignation of Mr. Vohra from his positions in party
leadership. Failing that, the LPO calls on the LNC to remove (through
the formal suspension process) Mr. Vohra before more damage can be

3) I've informed the state chairs of Region 3 that I'd need a clear
directive to make a motion per bylaws article 6.7 regarding suspending
Arvin Vohra. (With the understanding that the motion might not get to a
vote, or pass, if voted upon.)  Two of the four state affiliates in
Region 3 have told me they want this action taken.  Since attempting to
suspend an officer of the LP is a serious matter, I told the state
chairs in Region 3 that I'd need at least 3 of the four states to agree
on the action to be taken.  At this time, I await direction from LPMI
and/or LPKY.  (LPMI has taken the issue into discussion and hopefully
will let me know their decision soon.) 

This is why I've not made public comments regarding the controversy
surrounding Arvin Vohra.  I represent the four states in Region 3, which
means it's not my place to direct them, but it's the reverse, they
direct me.  If the consensus of Region 3 is to make a motion to the LNC,
I shall do so.  If that happens, it will be another opportunity for
anyone on the LNC to second such a motion. 

Elizabeth Van Horn
LNC Region 3 (IN, MI, OH, KY)
Secretary Libertarian Party of Madison Co, Indiana
Chair-LP Social Media Process Review Committee
Vice-Chair Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus

On 2018-01-13 09:46, Patrick McKnight wrote:

> Ken, 
> Thank you for your hard work on behalf of the party and your thoughtful comments on this latest embarrassment to our organization. As you know, I made a motion to remove Arvin last year. Unfortunately, not one member of the LNC felt comfortable supporting my motion at the time. I hope that changes now.  
> Patrick McKnight 
> LNC Region 8 Rep 
> Chair, New Jersey Libertarian Party
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