[Lnc-business] Age of Consent and Statutory Rape. WTF.

Caryn Ann Harlos caryn.ann.harlos at lp.org
Sat Jan 13 14:47:27 EST 2018

Elizabeth kudos for doing what a regional should.

I am having a similar discussion with Region 1.

They opposed action before.

-Caryn Ann

On Sat, Jan 13, 2018 at 12:21 PM Elizabeth Van Horn <
elizabeth.vanhorn at lp.org> wrote:

> Hello Patrick,
> As you're aware, I'm fairly new on the Libertarian National Committee, as
> I was appointed to be LNC Region 3 Representative, a little over a month
> ago.  It's an honor to be given their trust in representing LP-Indiana,
> LP-Ohio, LP-Michigan and LP-Kentucky on the LNC.  I take my
> "representative" role seriously, and the LP state affiliates within my
> Region are my constituency.
>  1) On November 11, 2017, the Libertarian Party of Indiana (LPIN) State
> Central Committee (SCC) unanimously passed a resolution which culminated
> in, "...the immediate resignation of Mr. Vohra from his position in party
> leadership."
> On Friday, January 12, 2018, the Indiana state chair wrote to me, "Indiana
> does support and request that very action", regarding Bylaws Article 6.7, a
> motion to suspend Arvin Vohra.
>  2) On January 12, 2018 the Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPOH) Executive
> Committee passed a resolution which culminated in, "The LPO calls for the
> IMMEDIATE resignation of Mr. Vohra from his positions in party leadership.
> Failing that, the LPO calls on the LNC to remove (through the formal
> suspension process) Mr. Vohra before more damage can be done."
> 3) I've informed the state chairs of Region 3 that I'd need a clear
> directive to make a motion per bylaws article 6.7 regarding suspending
> Arvin Vohra. (With the understanding that the motion might not get to a
> vote, or pass, if voted upon.)  Two of the four state affiliates in Region
> 3 have told me they want this action taken.  Since attempting to suspend an
> officer of the LP is a serious matter, I told the state chairs in Region 3
> that I'd need at least 3 of the four states to agree on the action to be
> taken.  At this time, I await direction from LPMI and/or LPKY.  (LPMI has
> taken the issue into discussion and hopefully will let me know
> their decision soon.)
> This is why I've not made public comments regarding the controversy
> surrounding Arvin Vohra.  I represent the four states in Region 3, which
> means it's not my place to direct them, but it's the reverse, they direct
> me.  If the consensus of Region 3 is to make a motion to the LNC, I shall
> do so.  If that happens, it will be another opportunity for anyone on the
> LNC to second such a motion.
> ---
> Elizabeth Van Horn
> LNC Region 3 (IN, MI, OH, KY)
> Secretary Libertarian Party of Madison Co, Indiana
> Chair-LP Social Media Process Review Committee
> Vice-Chair Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus
> http://www.lpcaucus.org/
> On 2018-01-13 09:46, Patrick McKnight wrote:
> Ken,
> Thank you for your hard work on behalf of the party and your thoughtful
> comments on this latest embarrassment to our organization. As you know, I
> made a motion to remove Arvin last year. Unfortunately, not one member of
> the LNC felt comfortable supporting my motion at the time. I hope that
> changes now.
> Patrick McKnight
> LNC Region 8 Rep
> Chair, New Jersey Libertarian Party
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